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Should investors still be interested in Sydney?
Sydney has long been a hotbed for property investment activity, with residential sales remaining buoyant even at a time when other parts of the country have struggled. However, as 2016 is now in full swing, some market analysts are starting to question whether Sydney can...
Wed March 02, 2016
RBA leaves cash rate at 2 per cent
The economy is a complex and unpredictable creature. However, garnering at least an elementary understanding of current market conditions can help you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying or selling a house or apartment in Australia.  One factor that...
Wed March 02, 2016
Market News
How to decide whether now is a good time to buy
It's not always easy to know when is the right time to make a big decision such as buying a house, but there are some key signs to be aware of. Entering the property market before you are ready can have a number of ramifications, which is why it's so important to...
Mon February 29, 2016
What should every landlord know?
While renting out your property can be a financially rewarding experience, there's more to being a landlord than just collecting the rent. Your property manager can help out, but it pays to be across the ins and outs of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord -...
Thu February 25, 2016
Renting | Landlords
Where are people making property profits?
Selling a home at a profit is part and parcel of the real estate landscape - especially among investors. While owner occupiers may not be as focused on whether a property can be resold to make money in the near future, investors are likely always keeping an eye on...
Thu February 25, 2016
Selling | Market News
Sydney house prices: How slow can you grow?
Many Industry experts all agree the Sydney property market is destined for a period of slow growth over the next year or so, but exactly how sluggish are things going to get? Many authorities have given their opinion on the matter in recent weeks, with Fitch Ratings...
Thu February 25, 2016
Market News
Top 5 things renters are looking for in a property
The housing market is predicted to reach something of a plateau over the coming months. While this will undoubtedly come as good news for first-home buyers, there will still be a significant portion of the population who choose to rent.In fact, renting in general has become...
Thu February 25, 2016
CGT changes: A helping hand or a step too far?
A series of changes to capital gains tax (CGT) have been proposed by the Labor government, and it's fair to say the property industry is nervous about what they might mean for the sector.Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition, unveiled what he described as "the most...
Tue February 23, 2016
Market News
Sydney's property market declared second least affordable in the world
Whether you're looking to purchase a new house for the family or invest in a modest studio apartment, there's no denying that Sydney remains an incredibly popular location for many different types of buyers. But just how expensive is it to secure real estate in the...
Tue February 02, 2016
Market News
Why should your home go solar?
There are many ways to improve your real estate through home improvements. You could build a new bedroom, give the bathroom a facelift or redo the kitchen, just to name a few. And there are a plethora of reasons to do so, as well. For instance, you might be looking...
Mon January 25, 2016
Selling | Lifestyle
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