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Should I help my children onto the property ladder?
There comes a time when all parents wish their children would leave home. While they may pay rent and contribute to the running of the house, moving out can be the real making of young adults in the real world.However, there might be a reason why children haven't...
Wed August 31, 2016
How to include children in your home buying process
There is no doubt that buying a new home is a stressful experience, with a number of different processes to get right before moving in. However, despite this fact, it is often the thoughts and emotions of our children that get forgotten - even if they aren't old enough...
Tue August 30, 2016
First impressions - creating perfect street appeal
What is the first thing you see when you arrive at a property? Is it the Mercedes-Benz parked outside, the cute dog next door or even the accessibility back to the highway?While all these are elements that we think about, the most obvious is the street appeal of the property...
Fri August 26, 2016
Is now the right time to start renting?
You could argue that renting a room or property is one of the first steps towards buying a home in Australia. Whether you're a student looking for a place close to the city for university, a young couple saving for their dream first home or a professional wanting an easy...
Wed August 24, 2016
How to sell your home with the presence of pets
Our pets are more than companions - they're family. Through the good and bad times, your cat, dog or other kind of pet is by your side, reassuring you and providing a certain level of comfort.Of course, the relationship is reciprocal. As we allow most pets throughout the...
Wed August 24, 2016
What to look for when downsizing your home
There are usually two emotions when your children eventually leave home - sadness and a sense of relief. While our children are probably never going to be far away from our thoughts, the physical hole that they leave at home can quickly become evident.Suddenly you only use...
Mon August 15, 2016
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Insight into the 'million dollar' suburbs
Million dollar suburb. Three simple words that mean so much for the Australian property market - providing both buyers and sellers a reason to engage in real estate.The phrase 'million dollar suburb' historically referred to very limited locations around Sydney...
Thu August 11, 2016
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3 reasons to sell your home with a real estate agent
If you are thinking about selling your home in Sydney, you are certainly not alone. Whether this is families wanting more room for their kids, couples looking to downsize or others wanting a change in lifestyle, there is often one thing that links these parties - a real...
Thu August 04, 2016
How to increase your chances of getting a rental
With the Sydney housing market arguably tough for first home buyers, this leaves many people with the option of renting. While some renters might have a bad rap, it is a great way to live independently in Sydney whilst trying to put some money away for purchasing in the...
Wed August 03, 2016
Why become a real estate agent in Sydney?
There are few industries that have hit the headlines more in 2016 than the real estate sector. In recent months, we've discussed all manner of topics including the United Kingdom breaking away from the European Union, the official cash rate and, of course, property...
Mon August 01, 2016
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