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Tell-tale signs that it's time to downsize
Downsizing is hardly a new phenomenon, but it's one that's had its fair share of headlines over the past few months. Experts have been debating whether older people should be given a helping hand via tax incentives and the likes, to aid them in making the move to...
Thu June 16, 2016
Let's talk about tax
The thought of discussing tax doesn't fill most people with a lot of joy, but unfortunately it's an issue you'll have to deal with whenever you buy or sell property. Without having a vague clue about what's going on, you could find yourself paying out more...
Wed June 15, 2016
How to prepare yourself for property auctions
So you've decided to try your luck at buying real estate through a property auction? This method of buying and selling has become increasingly popular over recent years, so you're in good company if you choose to hit the sales room.However, it's all too easy to...
Tue May 31, 2016
Australia's changing demographic and what it means for real estate
There's no doubt that Australia has changed over recent decades. With growing numbers of people relocating here from overseas and the thriving economy acting as a honeypot, it's hardly surprising that the population has gone from strength to strength.However...
Thu May 26, 2016
Market News
Financial knowledge goes a long way when buying a home
When the time comes for you to buy real estate, you'll soon come to realise that you need to make all sorts of financial decisions. There's quite simply no substitute for being clued up when you enter the property market, as this will ensure you're coming to the...
Wed May 25, 2016
Why now is a good time to apply for a home loan
So you've saved up a decent deposit to buy a house, but you're not quite sure whether the time is right to approach a mortgage lender? Well, all the signs are there that now is the ideal moment to secure your home loan and get onto the ladder - providing, of course...
Thu May 19, 2016
How the NSW economy is outshining the rest
Knowing the economy is strong where you decide to buy real estate is a real coup, especially if you're new to the property investment game. This is why it's important to have facts and figures to hand before you secure residential sales, as this can give you an...
Wed May 11, 2016
Market News
3 benefits the cash rate cut will bring to property buyers
You've probably heard by now that the official cash rate (OCR) has been lowered to 1.75 per cent - a move that's come as welcome news to the real estate sector. However, you'd be forgiven for wondering what all the hype is about, especially if you haven't...
Mon May 09, 2016
How investors are helping keep rents down
Investors who buy real estate with a view to renting it out are playing an increasingly important role in the property market, one group has claimed. The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) highlighted that the latest consumer price index (CPI) confirms this is the...
Sun May 08, 2016
Are people keen to make big-ticket purchases?
The property sector is one of the most valuable to the Australian economy, so making sure people are on track to buy real estate is crucial. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show the total value of the country's housing stock stood at $5,885,967.2...
Tue May 03, 2016
Market News
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